Personal Mentoring in all three pillars

Our training programs are for all three pillars of our mental and physical health. We teach and train in exercises to get you able to go longer and faster. We develop recovery and rejuvenation strategies with you. We help you develop meal plans that you enjoy and you can keep around.

All donations go to support local high schools, give to families who are struggling with depression or have lost loved ones in their battle with depression, and to fund scholarships for those effected by mental health issues to participate in events, camps, and personalized mentoring programs. 

My journey from 280lbs to finishing an Ironman 70.3

This journey started with wanting to loose weight. It has turned into so much more. I have discovered myself. Through wrecks, depression and anxiety, lost jobs, coronavirus and moving across continents, my desire to complete this goal has burned bright.

Latest articles

route for my first century ride
280 to 70.3
Colt Pini

280 to 70.3: My first century

I went to deliver an “I’m a brick” shirt to a local brick! As we were talking she mentioned a ride in a couple of days. A local bike race was canceled and a group of riders decided to do most of the race anyway. 102 miles, instead of 140. She asked if I wanted

posing before my first open water swim
280 to 70.3
Colt Pini

280 to 70.3: Open water… panic inducing.

I watched the bottom of the lake fade into green nothingness as the cold wrapped itself around and through my torso. It took my breath away and made it hard to keep breathing. It was kinda like that feeling as a kid when I would get the breath knocked out of me.

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