280 to 70.3 – Failure

It has been one of those weeks. Nothing seemed to be going right and I seemed to be making everything worse. Where I tried to make it right, it blew up in my face. It started out ok, I had my goals for the week all set out and I was going to run 3 miles every day with a few bricks in there.

Monday was a ride with my daughter, which I loved, but I didn’t have time for a run. Tuesday I got my 16 mile ride and then a 3 mile run with my wife, she did awesome! That was the last I saw of my goals. We needed to move our stuff from one storage area to another while we are here in temporary housing. We got everything done but not without lots of stress and last minute figuring things out. I had a job interview in all of this and with a hurried morning and loading problems I was late for my final interview.

The late nights, the stress, and the weeks without getting my heart rate up started taking its toll and I started slipping into depression. It didn’t come all at once. It was slow and I didn’t recognize it for a little bit. I was starting to want to disconnect. It was hard to look at anyone in the eye. I then started to recognize what was happening. My inner critic started speaking up and I was starting to listen. “What are you doing, sharing your story of failure?” it said cruelly,  “Can you really help anyone if you can’t even help yourself.” That was a hard one. It was also a lie. I needed to discover the truth.

The truth is perfection is a myth. It is an expectation you place on yourself and often it is developed from the best qualities you see in people around you or putting too much on yourself. No one can preform up to that expectation.  If we wait to act until we are “perfect” we would never accomplish anything.

Instead, all of us succeed at many things often. Everyday we deal with ups and downs. We deal with successes and failures constantly. The thing that I realized is that a success today or a failure today doesn’t dictate our tomorrow. Nor does a failure mean we can’t lift someone else.

So today, this week, is a new week. I did my workout today, and I am writing this post as I climb out of the depressive rut of last week and offer this sentiment: You are already a success, keep going!

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