280 to 70.3 – Longest Ride Yet

This last week I was able to restart being disciplined about my training. Without a tangable event and with the quarantine it has been difficult to get into a routine and setup goals for my training. This last week I started again. With the “I’m a Brick” event on my mind I wanted to see if I could hit the Half Ironman distance for it so I decided I would build up through the week to hit a 60 mile ride on Saturday.

I went ways into Idaho and back. The ride was amazing until I hit 56 miles. I didn’t know it was 56 when I pulled over, but I pulled over because I could tell I was out of juice. I had a banana and an almond butter, honey, and salt sandwich about halfway and had a good amount of energy from that but here, at 56 miles, my body didn’t really want my second sandwich. I think a second banana would have been better. I ate the sandwich anyway and headed the last four miles to home.

When I got home I jokingly said to Emilee “Now I am going for a 13 mile run.” and then went and collapsed on the floor. It really hit home for me that nailing my nutrition on the long distance rides / runs is just as important as training.

As I was laying there, recovering, it brought me back to when I first started my journey just over 3 years ago. I had just finished a run. It was about a mile. I collapsed on the couch and just sat there. I was feeling sick. I ended up feeling sick for the next three days. All from a mile.

I decided that I needed to get a bike in order to really start because running made me sick. I wanted to get a mountain bike and one that was strong enough to handle my weight. When you weight 280 lbs you have to think about that kind of thing.

I started with a small goal of wanting to get a mile down the road and back. That took a bit of time and training. My ultimate goal was to get to work about 5 miles away.

Now I look at where I am. Where 5 miles was daunting, now 5 miles is almost done. Where 1 miles was too much, 1 miles is the home stretch. It is neat to look back and look, in a realistic way, where I have been and what I have been able to accomplish. I think sometimes I get too focused on where I want to be and feel like I am not measuring up instead of seeing where I have been and what I have been able to accomplish and feeling great about what I have done.

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