280 to 70.3 – Quarantine, or inflating the spare tire.

We moved. Moved our stuff from Italy and the stuff we had left behind in a storage unit. We are now living in Logan Utah. Well, really nearby Providence. We were in a AirBnB for a few weeks while we were looking for a place to live. We found a great rental for the next few months while I continue working on Triing and find development work.

The area is beautiful and we have been able to go out on a few hikes and drives as a family to enjoy it. We have seen lots of animals and have been able to turn some anxiety and stress to smiles. That isn’t completely gone. We are still a little up in the air and we can feel it with tension and arguing in the home, but I think we are starting to feel like the dust is settling and we are able to start creating what “Norm” looks like again.

My training this week was a single ride up the canyon. It was a beautiful ride. I was exploring the canyon so didn’t know how far the ride would be I was hoping to go for around a 56 mile ride to see how my Ironman biking legs felt. While I was in Arcene I was in the plains between the two mountain ranges, the Apli and the Appennini. It was flat. So this ride represents the most climbing I have done in a while. It was awesome!

The ride ended up being 43.5 miles with an elevation gain of 1809 ft. That would put me, roughly, at the 3 hour mark for the bike ride. My goal for the Ironman 70.3 is to be between 6-6.5 hrs and a 3 hour bike would put me there, though I hope I can trim it down a little. At one point during the ride I had a friend with me. It was a single hawk that flew with me for about a mile. It was amazing.

I have been averaging about 1-2 exercise outings a week. Much below average. Because of that I have been “inflating the spare tire.” That hasn’t made me happy. I am up to 189 lbs. I am glad I am still below 190. I am excited to start working out more. I am now at a point I can get my work out routine back up to 4-6 days a week. I am going to try and hit 3-5 minor days, like a 3k run, or an hour bike ride, and a longer workout, either am 8+ mile run or a 40+ mile bike ride or even a brick!

This next week I am going to focus on eating healthy snacks at the right times and fueling according to my activity level. We now have our blender back so I can make smoothies and almond butter again!

To get over some of the mental hurdles and give myself a goal again I have decided to create two events. I was going to sign up for an Ironman this year but because of the issues with corona virus that is on shaky ground. Near the beginning of May I am going to have an event where I will invite us all to run, bike, and/or swim, where you are able to do that where you are. In your home virtually, or in your area if you are able. Then we can post and share what we did that day.

It is vital that we continue to suppress the spread of the corona virus. We need to obey local laws and regulation and avoid other people.

The last event will be a 70.3 distance triathlon. It will take place on Saturday, August 15th. This is the original date of the Hawaii Ironman 70.3. This will be a shared event if the corona virus is still impacting our lives, if not, then you will be welcome to join me. No entry, no prizes, just a good time. Location and course details will follow.

It is vital for us to have goals and to get in the sun and raise our heart rates. In the time of isolation depression takes its hold pretty tightly. I have felt it a lot in these past weeks. It feels good to get out and feel its grip loosen and my smile to brighten.

Lets get Triing!

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