We are Triing

It is a simple statement. In that statement is a declaration and an invitation. We are triing, together.

It started three years ago when I was in the heart of major depressive battle including bouts of anxiety. Not only was my mental health in a low point my physical health was poor. I was around 280lbs. I had to take medication at night in order to be able to lay down and sleep. I was starting to see other health related issues pop up. It made me more depressed. It was hard to do anything about it.

It was at that point we started a journey to have better health, mental and physical. We changed our diet. I started running and biking. The pounds started melting away and I found myself laughing and smiling more.

I started to share my story and people started telling me they also lived with mental health issues but were too afraid to talk about it. I realized that this is something that effects everyone. At some point depression or other mental health issues have come to everyone. Not in the same way or the same degree but they effect all of us.

I started hearing more and more stories of people who lost the battle with depression and took their life. I felt I could help. I couldn’t stop triing. Not while I could help someone.

So, here is our effort to reach more people and help more. This company is dedicated to helping people be mentally and physically healthier. To start or continue in biking, running, and swimming along with healthy diets and mental health techniques. Together lets keep triing to save people.


At Triing we help people understand and maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle through what they eat, how they rest, and getting people outdoors biking, running, and swimming and getting them better at it so they can stay active forever.


To achieve our mission we share our experiences and knowledge that are both personal and valuable. We provide events, workshops, and training for growing our personal mental and physical health and creating and achieving your goals. We provide products that will help you start and continue your life long journey of wellness. 

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