Aug 4th - 7th 2021
$65 / Ages: 10-17

Athletes will be working and laughing together as they learn a new sport, three sports actually. Triathlon is an exciting sport that allows the kids to develop many physical and mental abilities. It is a sport that fosters good sportsmanship as we cheer for each other, and push ourselves.

limited spots

Age / Skill Groups:

The camp is for ages 10-17. That encompasses a lot of ranges of skills. We will all be together and each athlete will received individual instruction as well as group instruction. We believe in learning by doing, and learning by teaching. Each athlete will be able to learn from and teach other athletes. If you are brand new and not sure what a triathlon is, or if you have a some under your belt, we will help athletes grow from where they are to where they want to be!

Included in the camp:

  • 4 days of triathlon instruction and racing.
  • Each night we will include dinner. It will be an example dinner that includes good training nutrition.
  • Race and training fuel. Snacks and drinks to give you body what you need while you train. 
  • Teaching about good nutrition and what it takes to fuel a healthy body
  • Techniques for rest and refuel to keep our minds and bodies happy and healthy.
  • Swag Bag!!
      • Triing summer camp t-shirt
      • Brightly colored swim cap
      • Completion medal and race bib
      • Various prizes!


Wed, Thurs, Friday Afternoons:

4:30 p.m. – Meet at parking lot at the top of the hill at Hyrum Reservoir Beach.

4:35 – Travel to the beach and start event instruction. 

5:00 – Snack

5:30 – Games and fun centered around event.

6:30 Pick up athletes 

Saturday Morning Triathlon:

8:30 a.m. – Meet at parking lot at the Bottom of the hill at Hyrum Reservoir Beach  (If more than your athlete is coming for the triathlon, you will need to pay for entry)

 9:00 – Jr. Triathlon start / Sr. Triathlon start. 

11:00 – Awards and prizes and after party with snacks for everyone.

12:00 – Finish of a great week! 

(You are welcome to stay and play at the beach!)

Day 1: Swimming

We start at Hyrum Reservoir Beach for open water swimming. The fee for entry is covered by registration costs. We will be covering swimming for triathlons in open water, all equipment needed, and how to transition to bike when the swim is over

Day 2: Biking

Again we will start at Hyrum Reservoir Beach. Be sure to come ready to get wet in your swimsuits. We will be working on transition to and from bike and biking fundamentals, including bike equipment, bike fit, drafting and non drafting racing. 

Our bike route will go along the road to the east of the reservoir towards paradise and back. Be ready to ride many miles as we discuss biking technique and training.

Day 3: Running

We start again at Hyrum Reservoir. We will practice all three transitions, so again, be prepared to be wet.

We will be working on running form and endurance running strategies and an introduction to heart rate and how to use it. We will be running several miles, so be ready to run. 

We will be running the same course as the bike, the road follows along the east of the reservoir and down towards Paradise. If conditions permit we will also be training on a trail run near the mouth of blacksmith fork canyon.

Day 4: Triathlon

To finish off the camp we will have a triathlon. We will give out awards and prizes for the participants in the camp and all spectators are allowed, and encouraged to come support your athletes!!

Our course is divided into two courses and athletes will be divided into a Jr. and Sr. class by age and ability. While we will likely stick to these courses, it may vary based on skill level and comfort level of the athletes. The longer course is particularly susceptible to being changed.The safety of the athletes is most important to us. If the route changes we will provide detailed route maps before the triathlon.

Jr. Class Triathlon Course:

This course starts with a 25-50 yard swim depending on skill. 

Transition area 1 (T1) is located in the parking lot next to the beach. 

The bike is a 2 mile out and back course on a rural road that isn’t used much.

T2 is at the top of the hill and athletes will leave their bikes there.

The run is a 1/2 mile run down the block and back with the finish being at T1. The athletes will use the trail to go down to the lower lot and not the road.

Sr. Class Triathlon Course:

This course starts with a 100-500 yard swim depending on skill. 

Transition area 1 (T1) is located in the parking lot next to the beach. 

The bike is a 10 mile out and back course on a rural road that isn’t used much with a fun turn near the turn around.

T2 is at the top of the hill and athletes will leave their bikes there.

The run is a 3 mile run down and around the block for two laps and back with the finish being at T1. The athletes will use the trail to go down to the lower lot and not the road.

This route in particular can vary depending on the ability of the athletes. 

Location, parking, drop off, and pick up

Hyrum Reservoir Beach is located on the north side of Hyrum reservoir. Upper lot parking is free, if the upper lot (it isn’t very big) is full you can park on the street. 

We will pick up all athletes at the top of the hill and bring them to the beach at the bottom at drop off times designated in the schedule. Their entry is included in the registration cost. If anyone would like to join the athletes as a spectator, you are more than welcome!! We would love it. Any spectators are responsible for their own fees to enter the beach. If you are joining your athlete you don’t have to drop them off at the top of the hill, just let us know if you take them to the beach.

At the end of each instruction day we have time for individual instruction. We will have someone at the top starting at 7:30. Your athlete will either be at the top or if they are in individual instruction we will let our crew know you are here. (The park may allow you to drive to the bottom parking lot to pick up at no cost if you ask them.)

If you are driving yourself, not much of this applies :).

Packing List:


  • Water
  • sunscreen
  • Brightly colored suit / clothes
    • In a triathlon you don’t have the ability to change clothes between events. We will be biking and running in our swim suits / Tri suits. You can have some clothes to throw on over your swimsuit if you want.
    • If you have a Tri-suit then bring it! If you don’t then swimsuit will do. 
    • Girls: it should cover the mid section. No bikinis.
    • Boys: jammers are preferred, but swim trunks are fine.


  • Swim goggles (included in swag bag!)
  • Sandles. Flip flops or straps are fine
  • Bright colored swim cap
    • Bright is important in open water swimming. We want to be very visible. 
    • we have one included as part of the swag bag!
  • snorkel if you have one, training style preferred, but any is fine.
  • Towel


  • shoes (if you have bike shoes bring those plus sandals, otherwise tennis style shoes are great.)
  • Socks (optional)
  • Bike
    • Road bikes are best, any geared bikes would be ok, non geared bike would be tough, but if that is what you have that is ok. If you need a bike, we can help with that.
  • Helmet
  • Sunglasses or prescription glasses. Eye coverings is a safety concern when riding and they are required.
  • Bike lights if you have them.


  • Running shoes 
  • Hat (optional but nice to have.)
  • Socks (optional)

Purchase and registration.

Add camp to cart and registration at checkout, one registration is $65. 


If you have any questions or would like to inquire about renting equipment for the camp, please ask. Use the form below and we will get in touch with you.

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