You need to let your body push the limits of what it is able to do and get your heart rate up and blood flowing.

Colt Pini

Feeling Your Toes Again – Warm Shoe Covers

I tried several different options to keep my feet warm. Two pairs of wool socks were the best way to keep them warm, but the problem was that the extra socks cut off my circulation and my feet got cold and numb because of that. I had a brilliant idea. Why not put the second

Colt Pini

Squelching the searing pain – Mitigating IT Band issues.

I had set a goal. It was ambitious. I wanted to run the distance of a half marathon in a week. I hadn’t run any distances over about 4 miles up to that point. We were living in beautiful Wisconsin. It was the driftless region in the south west portion. There are many rolling hills

Colt Pini

Pre Run Stretches

These are my 5 essential stretches before I go out running. As you will be able to tell from the photos, I am not very flexible, but it used to be worse 😬. I do these as part of my warm ups. It gets me mentally ready and loosens me up so that I don’t

Colt Pini

Working Out Without Burning Out – Understanding Your Heart.

I sat on the couch after a short run. I was breathing hard and felt a little woozy. The next three days I was sick. That was the story over and over again when I tried to start exercising…again. I was unsure why it was so hard to start. Why I always ended up worse

Colt Pini

Bicycle Safety: “I thought he would be able to stop in time…”

I was starting my ride. I was excited and felt awesome. I wasn’t sure which way to go so I went for a more difficult route. I went up and over a few passes, and started down into town. I eased up and started moving to my defensive position, but before I could fully get

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