Mental Health Awareness – May 16th “I’m a Brick” Event

Brick • noun

  1. To be solid, sturdy, reliable. To accomplish amazing things.
  2. A biathlon event or workout consisting of a bike then a running course.
  3. Someone that has helped you or supported you in a difficult situation or made it possible for you to achieve something great.

“I’m a Brick” Registration

Please register to participate and receive your shirt.


We want to raise awareness of mental health and it’s effects on us and our lives. We want to start breaking the stigma of mental health and allow people to feel as free to talk about what they are feeling as someone would feel about talking about a broken arm or a set of stitches.

We feel it is very important to get out and get some exercise. So important we are going to give away shirts for people that do it. One of the core workouts for a triathlete is called a brick. It is a workout that consists of a bike ride then, immediately after, a run, but a brick is also someone that has done something amazing, or been there for someone else.

Managing mental health takes a lot of effort and we want to applaud all those that live amazing lives despite their challenges. So join us and be a brick to show your support!

To be a brick is very simple.

  1. You need to register
  2. Train, post training photos with the #wearetriing hash tag.
  3. On May 16th get out and do a brick so you can be a brick. If you are unable to go out, then you can do it inside. There are four distances.
  4. When finished take a pic and post it on facebook, twitter, or instagram using the #imabrick hashtag! Then send us a message on facebook or an email at
TypeBike 🚲Run 👟
Super Sprint7 miles1 mile
Sprint14 miles3 miles
Olympic28 miles6 miles
Half Ironman56 miles13.1 miles

After you finish you we will get in contact with you so you can recieve your “I’m a Brick” t-shirt! The color of your shirt will correspond with what you accomplished.

For the Super Sprint distance you will get a Purple shirt:

Sprint distance will get an Orange shirt:

Olympic disance will get a Blue shirt:

And the Half Ironman distance will get a Grey shirt:

We want as many people to participate as possible. We know that there maybe some participants that cannot bike or don’t have one or cannot walk but could bike, in such circumstances you can form a group and have someone else preform the activity on your behalf. If this is the case, each of you needs to fill out a registration and note, in the special circumstances at the bottom of the form, who is in your group and what your part is in the group.

If there are circumstances, such as weather, on may 16th that prevents you from participating you can contact us and let us know the date you will do it within a week prior or following May 16th. If you have any questions or need clarification you can email us at

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