Rest & Well Being

You need time to reflect, meditate, and rest. Your body needs time to recover.

Colt Pini

It’s a Lie – Mental Health Exercise

I was talking with a close friend of mine. He was much older than me and had been through a lot in his life. He let me know that he had depression and he had helped a few other through their depression episodes. He described one of the symptoms as a tape recorder that plays

Emilee Pini

Break a panic attack by slapping your loved one with vegetables

Panic attacks can be scary both for the person who is experiencing it and also for anyone who may be witnessing it. During a particularly challenging and stressful time in our lives, we talked with our therapist about a panic attack episode that happened. She made a few suggestions for what to do if a

Colt Pini

A Bedtime for Your Phone – Overcoming Addictive Behaviors

A few years ago I realized I was trading my family for my phone. I was deep in understanding user behavior and user centered design as part of my work and was digging into apps and how they worked. I was drawn to them, addicted, but didn’t realize it. It was Emilee, my wife, that

Colt Pini

How to see the unseen – Identifying mental health issues.

I put on my glasses for the first time. It was amazing. I could see. I could read things across the room. I see details in peoples faces. I didn’t know I couldn’t see it was just the way I saw the world. Then in one moment I realized what I didn’t know I wasn’t

Colt Pini

Managing Depression

This was me. 283 lbs of me. I was depressed. Not because of the weight, but because of a chemical imbalance in my brain. I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety when I was 21. Looking back though, I was depressed for most of my high school years and afterwords. It hasn’t been a

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