Sept 6th, 2021
Registration is $45

We are hosting the Rise event virtually and in person near Logan, Utah to bring awareness to the effects of depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. It is a unique triathlon with a focus on goals, being active, and helping others. We will do an open water swim starting at 4700 ft, road bike course, and a trail run up to the peak at 9292 ft. 

We will be raising funds to go to support local high school programs, give to families who are struggling with depression or have lost loved ones in their battle with depression, and to fund scholarships for those effected by mental health issues to participate in events, camps, and personalized mentoring programs.

The Course

The course isn’t a standard triathlon distance, though we are close in most events. The swim and bike offer similar distance to a super sprint, sprint, and Olympic course, but there is only one run course and it is a trail run / hike that ends at the top of the mountain. Where the air is clear and the views are amazing.

Each section of the course is optional and each section can be a different distance. If you want to do a short swim and a long ride, go ahead. If you don’t want to swim, don’t. The only downside is that if you don’t do the run course, you can’t join us at the finish line.

Swim course

Will be in the Hyrum reservoir. The entrance is located near 500 south and Center street. We will have a 250, 500 and a 1000 yard open water swim course. While we will have awards, this is a non competitive triathlon. So if you can only do 100 or want to go for 1500, do it and join us!

Bike course

The bike course has three options. A direct 10 mile, a flat 16 mile route, and the most difficult 26 mile route. All traffic laws must be followed. Roads are low traffic but there are a few points to be extra attentive around. Please obey the traffic signals, stop signs and speed limits. One place we cross the hwy at a traffic signal, please honor the traffic signals. The left turn in canyon, please be aware of traffic.

At T2 we will have a secure means to store your bike as you continue on to the run.

The 10 mile course is the most direct course to the start of the run. 

The 16 mile flat course adds an extra 6 miles through a fun farm road, with little traffic, and fast straight aways.

The 26 mile course adds an extra climb and a short stint down to a creek and up the other side. This is the longest and most difficult option.

Full Run / Hike

The base of the trial starts at an elevation of 5,112 and rises to 9,292. A climb of 4,180 ft in 8 miles. This is a beautiful trial that goes through some divers terrain. This is tough, in an of itself. The goal is to get to the peak and help others around you to do the same. Encourage and lift and help who you can.

Be prepared with enough water and nutrition to make it up and down after the finish line. There will be an aid station just over half way up the trial.

Overlook Turn Around / Aid Station

If you are looking for something a little less intense as the full course climb we are offering a finish / turn around at the aid station between mile 4 and 5. At this point is a great overlook so you can see the trail you just climbed. It is a great place to reflect on what you just accomplished.

Fun Run / Hike turn around

We also want to provide a fun run for anyone who feels that the 4,180 elevation gain to the top or the Overlook turn around is a little out of reach. This is a great option for youth athletes or those just starting out! This is a turn around at the top of the canyon just before the 2 mile mark.


This triathlon has a unique format. It is not only a road bike with a trial run, it not only finished on the top of the beautiful peak, it allows you to pick how you are participating. This is a non-competition event. The reason for that is our goal isn’t to be the first across the finish, our goal is to get everyone across the finish. We want to lift and support each other.

These factors make the schedule also unique. We are timing things to try and get everyone at the top at roughly the same time. At the top we want to celebrate together, and remember together.

So, for those who are doing all three events, we will be starting in the lake at 7:30 a.m. Those doing all three events will continue through as a single triathlon. Then each event will have a start time if you are starting or skipping one. If you are wanting a little extra time or want a little less time you can self start each event. If you do, try and finish during the finish window.

7:30 A.M. – Triathlon / Swim start.

8:00 – Bike start

9:30 – Run start

12:00 – 2:00 – Finish line


What is included

As a registered participant you will be able to take advantage of:

  • Marked course. We will help make sure you know your way to the finish line.
  • Manned t1 and t2. When you leave t1 we will transport your gear to t2 for you to pickup later. At t2 we will have a place to safely store your bike and gear until you defend from the peak.
  • An aid station on the run route, though it would be in your best interest to support your fuel and water needs.
  • A finisher medal.
  • A participant shirt.
  • If you need transport back to t1 we will be able to transport you back.

The Virtual Event

If you aren’t able to join us in the Logan valley you may still participate virtually. With your registration you will receive a finisher medal, a t-shirt, and special virtual swag to commemorate your accomplishment! To participate virtually, just sign up for the events and distances that you would like to hit and when you finish send us a record of your accomplishment. This could be a screen shot of Strava, Apple, Garmin, or other workout that shows your distances and events. Send the screen shots to Once we get your screen shot, we will send out your Shirt, medal, and special virtual commemorative swag.

The Cause

At the finish line we will have a special ceremony that honors and supports those who are working through depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, bring to a better understanding the issues faced by those suffering, and ways that we can help. We hope not just to break, but shatter the stigma around mental health.

The stigma is real. In the article “Removing the Stigma – Seeing Mental Health as… Health” stigma is defined as “the negative perception of the population.” The article goes on to explain the history of the term. “It stems from marks, symptoms, or characteristics of diseases. A person who showed those marks were shunned and outcasted to save the community. That same negative perception follows depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.”

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US. There have been too many people I know that have succumbed to the battle in their mind. We can do something to help. 

Often people want to help, but are unsure of how. We will be raising funds to go to local high school programs, families who have lost loved ones in their battle with depression, and to serving community members to learn how to manage their mental health. This is a very real way to help. 

In my experience, when I have felt my deepest depression or helped my daughters through theirs, love is at the core of helping. Real love, deep concern, genuine friendship. With that love, you can build on the three pillars of the foundation of sound mental health of sleep, exercise, and good nutrition. With a gentle and loving but firm hand, I encouraged my daughter to come running with me. The exercise and time together forged a stronger relationship and keeping the heart rate up lifted our hearts and our spirits. For more ideas you can see our articles here on, and with their information for helping others. 

Together we can change…everything!


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