Feeling Your Toes Again – Warm Shoe Covers

I tried several different options to keep my feet warm. Two pairs of wool socks were the best way to keep them warm, but the problem was that the extra socks cut off my circulation and my feet got cold and numb because of that. I had a brilliant idea. Why not put the second pair of socks on the outside of my shoes. It wouldn’t work for running shoes, but it does for cycling because we only have one point of contact.

Just a few notes about the video.

Don’t stretch the toe too tight when measuring for your cut. The tighter the material the more air will flow through it. Too loose and you will have extra sock hanging around.

When cutting you will be cutting about half the height of your shoe brackets. Start about the top third and finish about the bottom third. Cut less, you can always make your cut a little bigger if it doesn’t quite fit.

You can adjust your boa dial through the sock so you can still easily adjust on the go while riding.

When you are done with your ride, don’t remove the socks. Just take them down till just past the dial. Then when the weather warms up you can remove the socks.

Here’s to warm toes!

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